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Heidi is Teacher and Coach Trainer for the Heal Your Life® Training CANADA!
Authorized by
Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay!

Heidi discovered Louise’s work at a very young age, thanks to her Mom always buying the book for everyone. All the philosophies  and exercises presented in “You can Heal Your Life” helped Heidi manifest so many incredible experiences, transform and live her life to the fullest!

Heidi helps her clients free themselves from barriers held within to focus on their true life’s desires! Her beautiful energy and spirit inspires all those that she works with. Heidi loves working with youth and teens helping support self-image and self-esteem. Heidi is very passionate about teaching manifesting and energy medicine. As a former flight attendant having travelled the world, Heidi is deeply grateful for all her experiences with different Teachers, Healers and Shamans. Heidi’s passion in life is to empower people to love themselves and awaken to their true authentic spirit. Everyone is born with a special gift and purpose and she love’s helping others reclaim their own inner power. Living in the now, becoming aware and full of gratitude are some of the her keys to success. Her motto is, ” Invest in your life and always know YOU are worth it”!!

Certified Heal Your Life® Leader, Life Coach and Teen Self-emPOWERment PlayShop Teacher.

Energy Therapist~Certified with Deborah King Life Force Energy Program 4 and Angels of Energy Program.

Quantum Life Coach~Certified with Sandra Anne Taylor

200HR Certified Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master

Tarot, Oracle Card, Angel Card and Coffee Cup Reader

Certified Oneness Deeksha Giver






At every moment you are contributing to the consciousness of the world by your frequency. Your thoughts create ripples throughout the universe. When we emit a frequency of gratitude, we literally help change the vibration of the planet. Life is based on choices. I choose the frequency of gratitude because it feeds my soul. Practicing …